Saturday, January 20, 2007


The small north-east village of Boldon has been put firmly on the map after the tale of one of the its’s most haunted pubs fascinated a TV audience of 20million American viewers.

The Wheatsheaf Hotel is the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary, telling the chilling tale of the pub’s spirits and the unearthing of a 100-year old murder mystery.

The haunted pub was the scene of a gruesome murder over a century ago and with the help of the spirits, staff uncovered what became voted Britain’s Top Paranormal Event of 2004 – attracting the attention of the Discovery Channel and a wide audience across the Atlantic.

Licensee Claire Robson said: “It’s great that this story has become so popular. The Discovery Channel were interested in it and decided to fly all the way over to Boldon to film it.

“It’s the first time the channel has been over in the UK to film a documentary. We’re just so pleased the story is finally being told.”

Both staff and customers had long suspected that the quiet pub in West Boldon had been haunted.

It was not until spiritual medium, Suzanne Hadwick, attended a charity event at the Wheatsheaf that their fears were confirmed, as they found themselves involved in a real life ghost hunt, unravelling a chilling mystery.

Suzanne said: “From the moment I entered the pub I felt an evil presence. I began to get visions of a horrific crime that had taken place hundreds of years ago.”

Led by the spirit of a local girl, Jessica, Suzanne witnessed her horrific ordeal as she was raped, beaten and murdered at the hands of evil Landlord, Joseph.

Suzanne said: “It was like the spirits had taken me back to a time between 1899 and 1906. Jessica was appealing to me to help her.”

Researching the pub’s history at Boldon Library, Suzanne and the staff found records, including pictures, of both Jessica and Joseph.

With Jessica’s help, Suzanne was able to see how she was killed and where her body had been buried.

On Suzanne’s advice, staff worked through the night, knocking down a wall to reveal a lock of hair and clothes believed to belong to Jessica – though the body had been moved.

Suzanne said: “Jessica had placed a great trust in me allowing me to help her. In doing this I was able to release her spirit from the pub and set her free.

“Doing the documentary was great but there is so much more to the story that hasn’t been told.”

Suzanne believes there are still more spirits in the attic and is keen to conclude this chilling tale.

She revealed: “Since the documentary, I have discovered so much more. Jessica has actually appeared to me to tell me where her body is buried.”

Later this month, Suzanne will be hosting a sleepover and an all night vigil at the Wheatsheaf to finally bring closure to this century-old mystery.

A Haunting: The Wheatsheaf Horror is to be aired in the UK later this year

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